one less than a perfect square

2021 – There are a lot of three’s happening for me in these songs – in their construction, time, count. Once I heard it happening more, I looked for ways to do it intentionally. We have twin 3-year-old girls, and they worked their way into the music. Literally on the song twins, but kids are a big part of a dad’s life, so their influence took different forms here.

I tried collaborating again, asking Ed Stein to write and perform piano, organ, Rhodes piano, and clav. Ryan Johnson came up with some excellent drum beats and hand drums. Joe Gilmartin played guitar for me on ways fall. And Allen Hamlin wrote bass lines and recorded drums.


Glenn Geiger & Ed Stein

2018 – Ed Stein joined me on piano and keys for 6 songs. These songs were recorded live in his living room in the Winter of that year, complete with a crackling fireplace! I’ve never had the pleasure of recording a piano before. Capturing the sound of that instrument was an education in sonic recording and a testament to what our ears already do so well.

These are takes from two recording sessions, which were then mixed and mastered with Allen Hamlin in his home studio in Lee, MA.

glenn geiger and ed stein

two of me and my shoes

2015 – Originally recorded in 2009, then mixed again in Allen’s Hamlin’s studio in Lee, MA. The individual tracks had been deleted to make room on the Korg D12 I was using at the time. But we had the stereo mixes to work with. The result you hear is hours of drinking beer with open ears – adding and removing software equalizers, sending the songs through a single channel of the mixing board, fine-tuning frequencies, writing CD’s to play in our cars just to make notes and repeat the process. We like to do this.

After we added Ryan Johnson’s drums and Ed Stein’s piano to a few tracks, the songs came to life again for me.

two of me and my shows