When two projects dried up at the same time, I’m finding I have more time than I used to. I was thinking about how I don’t keep in touch much. I never have. I was listening to someone sing about letting the people you love know you’re alive. I think people use facebook and things for that. I heard Facebook has to pay another billion dollars fine. That place is weird to me.

So screw facebook. It’s a terrible name!

I am alive though. I got high the other day, and it put me so far in my head. It made me feel like I did 18 years ago, which is an amazing trick. What else can do that? So I’m sitting in my home on the couch, and everything is falling away. Nothing is important at all. What a relief.

I was imagining starting this website and wasn’t really able to think of this part in detail – the writing – but it didn’t matter, even though it’s the sole thing. It’s funny how I want to make things, like music, or some wood structure, and I imagine it in blurry conception, and love it like that. Then I make it and think, what the hell is that? That isn’t what I wanted! But that’s the only thing I can make.

It’s possible the reason to write these posts is to get thoughts out of my head. Our heads have an infinite capacity for stupid thoughts. There’s so much room in there, it’s like, infinite. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to clean house? Let’s see.